YTB Investigation, What Does it Mean For NetTrav?

The California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, recently made the decision to investigate YTB,, which is alarming many people in the home based travel business. Leaders in the industry, however, are saying that there is no cause for alarm, because the home based travel business is very stable and solid. Still, what is this going to mean for people in the industry who are not sure how to react to the investigation of YTB?

Luckily in this case, industry leaders are right because there are numerous options out there for the home based travel business that are safe and stable, and not at all affected by the investigation of YTB. One of these travel companies is, still in the beta development stage but showing definite promise, especially in the wake of the tragedy that is befalling YTB.

YTB may be under investigation, but that does not mean anything for people in the home based travel businesses, who have decided to sidestep over to NetTrav. NetTrav is providing a valuable suite of services and resources to travelers through it’s Traveler’s Lounge, allowing like minded travelers to gather to share information on travel destinations, travel planning, booking engines and a lot more.’s primary goal is to fill a hole that was left in the travel industry when the traditional travel agent fell into obsoleteness.

Unlike many of its predecessors, NetTrav is not multilevel marketing. Instead, this booking portal, is meant to be a safe haven for anyone who wants to continue booking travel for themselves, friends, or through any of the various ways of promotion even though other sources like YTB have disappeared. NetTrav is working hard to provide an intuitive, high quality service with a myriad of exciting offerings including special packages every week.

Here is an excerpt from a quote given by the founder and CEO of NetTrav “ is not multilevel marketing. We offer a safe haven to anyone who is reluctant at this point or needs to continue booking travel for their clients. They’ll find our high quality service intuitive, with excellent offerings including special weekly packages tailored to all classes of worldwide travel.

“In this economy it is imperative to offer people alternatives so they don’t have to give up traveling even though they are spending less. We excel at developing vacation packages for our members and customers that really stretch their travel dollars. And with, we’ll be making a contribution to an environmentally-based non-profit foundation for every dollar spent on travel by our customers with our ECO Reward program.”

During a time like this, companies like NetTrav are offering a perfect alternative to traditional travel brokering. It gives marketers in the home based travel business a chance to sell travel individually while reaping rebates and commissions worry free. The lawsuit and investigation against the YTB website is about the disparities between recruiting commissions and the commissions people were actually earning. Luckily, issues like this should never be experienced by companies as travel heavy as NetTrav.